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Ability to refuel cars and buses at separate, dedicate dispensers (H70 cars; H35 buses)


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simple refueling

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7 simple steps - refuel almost as you do today
Park your vehicle at the pump*, turn off the engine and open the filler cap.
Approach the payment terminal and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The terminal is located on the wall of the building.
Go to the previously selected dispenser and connect the nozzle to the vehicle's valve.
Make sure the nozzle is firmly seated and locked into the vehicle's valve.
To start refueling, press the green button on the dispenser.
When the dispenser indicates that refueling is complete, unlock the nozzle, remove it from the vehicle and place it in the holder.
Return to the payment terminal and collect your receipt or invoice.
* Trucks or buses should only be refueled from a dispenser marked H35
Have a nice journey!

About green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is the cleanest fuel in the world.

Cars and buses powered by green hydrogen emit no exhaust gases, only water vapor.

The green hydrogen available at the station will be produced using clean energy from the sun, wind and biomass.

Green hydrogen is a fuel that does not pollute the environment and allows us to enjoy driving a fully ecological car or bus.

More about hydrogen as a 21st century fuel:

  1. Hydrogen is a fuel - it can be used as a fuel in road, rail, sea and air transport.
  2. Hydrogen is zero-emission - the result of the hydrogen reaction is water, no CO₂, NOx, SO₂ or PM emissions.
  3. Hydrogen can be stored and transported - current technology successfully allows hydrogen to be stored in composite cylinders; hydrogen can be transported over long distances both in pipelines and in cylinders. In liquid or gaseous form.

What is most important:

Hydrogen is everywhere.

How does the Neso station work?

Hydrogen is delivered to the station using hydrogen trailers, which can transport up to over 1,000 kg of H2 at a time. At the station, the hydrogen is transferred into high-pressure cylinder bundles and the distributed to the client’s vehicle via a dispenser. The refueling process at a hydrogen station is not particularly different from that at a conventional gas station.

The Hydrogen is refueling into the car under very high pressure. When refueling, you will hear the sound of hydrogen gas flow - this is completely normal

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I receive an invoice?

After refueling, return to the payment terminal. Select “Receipt” on the home screen, then select the dispenser where you refueled and collect an invoice or receipt.

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How do I receive a corrective invoice?

Send a request for the issue of a corrective invoice to the following e-mail address kontakt@stacjeneso.pl

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Why do I have to declare the amount for which I want to refuel?

The indicated amount is blocked for payments until refueling is completed. This is the maximum amount for which you can refuel your vehicle.

If you refuel for less than the specified amount, we will only charge your card for the amount of hydrogen actually refuelled.

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How do I get the refund for the difference between the amount indicated at the payment terminal and the amount used when refueling?

You don't need to do anything. The transaction will be settled automatically after refueling. Your card will only be charged for the amount of hydrogen actually refueled.

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How to check the price of hydrogen?

The current price of hydrogen at Neso stations is published on our website and the EIPA website. The price of hydrogen is also displayed on the price pylon located in front of the station and on the dispenser during refueling.

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How to check the location of the Neso station?

The list of stations and their exact addresses is published on our website and the EIPA website.

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How is a hydrogen car refueled?

Our stations are fully self-service. Refueling a hydrogen car is not significantly different from regular refueling. Before visiting the station, you can read the instructions on our website. These instructions are available on each dispenser at the station. During the entire process, both regarding payment authorization and refueling itself, you will see short videos showing how to perform a given activity. Thanks to this, you will have no doubts about what to do.

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Which fleet cards are accepted at Neso stations?

Neso stations have their own, dedicated fleet cards available to companies

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Can I get my own Neso station fleet card?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can get your own Neso fleet card. To arrange details, please contact our hotline at: 222 136 236 or send an inquiry to the email address: kontakt@stacjeneso.pl

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What are the hotline's working hours?

The hotline works 24/7 and is available at: 222 136 236

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Do NESO stations accept American Express card payments?

Only cashless transactions are supported at Neso Station. We support: Visa, Vpay, MasterCard and Maestro card payments. Unfortunately, we do not support BLIK or American Express card payments.

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If you have any questions - call: 222 136 236